IT Jobs

While the world becomes a global village due to the courtesy of information technology, more and more jobs are blossoming out in all sectors. IT is just not limited to IT companies any more; it's in every organization now.

Currently Open Jobs

Job Company Location Last date
Global IT Services Executive (Oracle Financials) Telenor Islamabad 15-11-2009
Global IT Services Executive (Oracle HRMS) Telenor Islamabad 15-11-2009
BSS Development Executive Telenor Islamabad 22-11-2009
Associate Data Ware House Mobilink Lahore 27-10-2009
Database Administrator Telenor Islamabad 04-10-2009
Contact Center Technology Operations Officer Telenor Lahore 04-10-2009
Collaborative Services Executive Telenor Islamabad 24-10-2009
Billing Analyst - Content Management Mobilink Lahore 22-09-2009
BSS (Business Support System) Trainee Officer Telenor Islamabad 13-09-2009
IT VAS Officer Telenor Islamabad 13-09-2009
CRM Operations Officer Telenor Islamabad 13-09-2009
BSS (Business Support System) Trainee Officer Telenor Islamabad 13-09-2009
VAS Executive Telenor Islamabad 22-03-2009
IT BSS Development Officer Telenor Islamabad 22-03-2009
CRM Operation Executive Telenor Islamabad 26-03-2009
Billing Operations Officer Telenor Islamabad 22-03-2009
Application Officer (Contractual) Telenor Karachi 22-03-2009
Customer Services Representative - Service Center Mobilink Gujranwala 18-03-2009
Network Specialist Mobilink Lahore 18-03-2009
IT Network Executive-Mobile Banking Telenor Islamabad 18-03-2009
IT Network Executive-(WoW) Telenor Islamabad 18-03-2009
Development Trainee (Contractual) Telenor Karachi 08-02-2009
Development Specialist (Contractual) Telenor Karachi 08-02-2009
Development Officer (Contractual) Telenor Karachi 08-02-2009
Development and Project Manager (Contractual) Telenor Karachi 08-02-2009
Database Administrator Telenor Islamabad 14-02-2009
Application Officer (Contractual) Telenor Islamabad 08-02-2009
IT Service Desk Office (Contractual) Telenor Islamabad 22-01-2009
NOC Database Reporting and Quality Officer (Contractual) Telenor Islamabad 29-12-2008
.NET Web Programmer Technology Footprints Lahore 31-12-2008
Data Warehouse Executive Telenor Islamabad 02-01-2009
System Support Executive Telenor Hyderabad 26-10-2008
IT BSS Developer Telenor Islamabad 19-10-2008
IT BSS Architect Telenor Islamabad 19-10-2008
Developer Positions System Limited Karachi 10-10-2008
IT VAS Executive Telenor Islamabad 26-09-2008
IT Systems Engineer Telenor Islamabad 12-09-2008
System Analyst Mobilink Lahore 10-09-2008
Director IT Business Support Systems Telenor Islamabad 31-08-2008
Manager IT BSS Development Telenor Islamabad 27-07-2008
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