Telecom Jobs

The boom of telecom in Pakistan is rising with the time. Unlike the perception of this field getting saturated quickly, advertising and marketing have moulded it into a field of ever-growing technology, opening up a bouquette of jobs all over the world.

Currently Open Jobs

Job Company Location Last date
Microwave Transmission Planning Engineer Telenor Islamabad 23-01-2009
Radio Performance Engineer Telenor Islamabad 22-01-2009
NSS O&M Executive Telenor Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Faisalabad 19-01-2009
NSS and VAS Implementation Specialist Telenor Lahore 19-01-2009
NOC Executive Telenor Islamabad 19-01-2009
IN O&M Executive Telenor Islamabad 19-01-2009
Radio Frequancy Planning Engineer Telenor Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi, Faisalabad, Multan 19-01-2009
BSS O&M Executive Engineer Telenor Karachi, Lahore, Faisalabad, Islamabad 19-01-2009
Assistant Manager Power Infrastructure (O&M) Telenor Peshawar 21-01-2009
Quality Control Engineer (Contractual) Telenor Islamabad 18-01-2009
IP Planning Specialist Telenor Islamabad 20-01-2009
IP and LDI Network Engineer Telenor Islamabad 20-01-2009
Optical Fibre Network Planning Engineer Telenor Islamabad 13-01-2009
NSS and VAS Implementation Specialist Telenor Lahore 13-01-2009
Assistant Manager RF Planning Telenor Lahore 12-01-2009
Microwave Planning Engineer Telenor Lahore 06-01-2009
BSS O&M Engineer Telenor Mardan 31-12-2008
PI Operation and Management Engineer Telenor Karachi 21-12-2008
Core and VAS Optimization Engineer Telenor Islamabad 22-12-2008
Assistant Manager IN Planning Telenor Islamabad 25-12-2008
Assistant Manager IN (O&M) Telenor Islamabad 25-12-2008
NOC Engineer Telenor Islamabad 21-12-2008
Operation and Maintenance Inventory Officer Telenor Islamabad 16-11-2008
Manager - Operations Support System Telenor Islamabad 16-11-2008
IP Planning Specialist Telenor Islamabad 16-11-2008
RF Planning Specialist Telenor Karachi 10-11-2008
RF Trainee Telenor Karachi 10-11-2008
Operations and Maintenance Officer (Contractual) Telenor Karachi 09-11-2008
Optical Fiber Network Planning Engineer Telenor Islamabad, Karachi 10-11-2008
Microwave Planning Engineer Telenor Islamabad 10-11-2008
Manager - Technical Project Management Office Telenor Islamabad 09-11-2008
RF Planning Engineer Telenor Karachi 10-11-2008
Assistant Manager RF Optimization Telenor Islamabad 09-11-2008
Assistant Manager Optical Fibre-Islamabad Telenor Islamabad 19-10-2008
Service Sales Manager Huawei Islamabad 08-12-2008
Design and Operation Executive (Electrical and Power) Telenor Islamabad 11-10-2008
Assistant Manager IN (O&M) Telenor Islamabad 05-10-2008
Assistant Manager IN Planning Telenor Islamabad 05-10-2008
Assistant Manager Core Planning Telenor Islamabad 05-10-2008
Technical Account Manager - Enterprise Wateen Lahore, Karachi 28-09-2008
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